Personal Training

With a wealth of knowledge, passion and experience, personal training with Kat or Helen can help you reach your goals, no matter how big or small.

The girls have a rich and varied sporting history - from running marathons to competing in CrossFit and playing team sports. 

Added to these layers of experience is a vast amount of knowledge and understanding about exercise physiology, strength training and energy systems, movement patterns and injury rehab.


Kat and Helen have studied under the best in the business to provide you with an intelligent and systematic approach to individualised training, gaining qualifications from OPEX and Training Think Tank. Our personal training options will be fully individualised for your specific goals - there will be no templates. We are able to provide 1-on-1 on-site sessions and/or remote programming for you to follow yourself in Open Gym. CrossFit Allied can cater for all your needs!

If you are interested in training one on one with either Kat or Helen, get in touch with some information about what your goals are, and take the first step towards achieving your dream! 

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