Saturday 3.6.17

In teams of 2


100-80-60-40 Double unders 80-60-40-20 Calorie row 60-40-20-10 Wall balls @ 9/6kg 40-30-20-10 Hang power clean @ 52.5/35kg

*after each set complete 200m run together

Once task is complete, in remaining time perform AMRAP shoulder to overhead.

Partner A performs STOH whilst partner B holds 20/15kg plate locked out overhead.

Perform a max of 10 reps then switch - if you break early, switch. Plate must not touch the ground at any point.

Score is total time to completion of task A and total reps STOH

Work may be split however you like. One person works whilst other person rests.

Time cap: 40:00

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