Thursday 20.7.17

CrossFit Every 90 seconds for 7 total sets 4 push press + 1 split jerk Build weight as you go

10 rounds for time 6 dumbbell snatch @ 22.5/15kg (alternating arms) 6 burpees 6 wall balls @ 9/6kg

3 sets 30 second AB sprint @ 100% Rest 2:30 between sets *record max calories each set



AMRAP 24 100m run Max effort wall ball @ 9/6kg 100m run Max effort double unders 100m run Max effort toes to bar *every time you break, go back on the run

In teams of 2, I-Go-You-Go style 8 rounds for time 8/5 cal AB 5 thrusters @ 42.5/30kg 1 wall walk

One partner completes one full round, then switch until you have completed 8 total rounds (4 rounds each)

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