Thursday 8.3.18


3 sets

A1. Back-racked reverse lunges

10 reps per leg

Rest 30 seconds

A2. AMRAP 60 seconds

Squat jumps with empty bar

Rest 2 minutes

4 sets for times

300/250m row

10 box jump-overs @ 24/20”

10 thrusters @ 52.5/35kg

Rest 2 minutes between sets


Olympic Lifting

In 12 minutes establish a snatch pull with 2-3 second pause at the knee

In 12 minutes establish a heavy triple high hang snatch

In 12 minutes establish a heavy set of the complex:

3 Klokov taps + 1 power snatch

*if doing 18.3 tomorrow, keep weights light and work on technique and positions

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