Tuesday 22.5.18


Push Press

4 sets of 8 reps

Rest 2 minutes between sets

Every 90 seconds for 4 sets

Front rack reverse lunges

6 reps per leg

On a running clock

For Time

1k row

When the clock hits 06:00


Push press @ 42.5/30kg

*every break perform 15 air squats



Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 total sets)

15 burpees

In remaining time, max rep wall balls @ 9/6kg

Rest 5 minutes


50 Russian kettlebell swings @ 24/16kg

30 toes to bar

20 shoulder to overhead @ 52.5/35kg

Your goal is to do each movement in as few sets as possible.

Every time you go unbroken you may move on to the next movement with no penalty.

If you have to break there will a penalty. Each penalty must be performed before you can move on to the next movement.

2 breaks or less: 15 burpees or 200m run or 250m row

3 breaks or more: 25 burpees or 400m run or 500m row

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