Thursday 6.12.18


4 sets

A1. Back-racked forward lunges

6 reps per leg

Directly into

A2. 2 lengths’ sled sprints

Rest 2 minutes between sets

For time

400m run with 15/10kg plate

-directly into-

5 rounds

10 burpees to plate

15 toes to bar

20 bear hug plate squats

-directly into-

400m run with 15/10kg plate

Cash out

Max dead hang from the rig

Rest 60 seconds and repeat

*score is total time

**try to beat time from 29.11.18



In teams of 2

AMRAP 20 - I-Go-You-Go

250/200m row

6 burpees over the rower

Rest 5 minutes


9 thrusters @ 42.5/30kg

30 double unders

Rest 40 seconds between rounds

*2nd AMRAP is performed individually

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