Saturday 8.6.19

In teams of 2

On a running 42:00 clock


AMRAP 14 – I-Go-You-Go

15 wall balls @ 9/6kg

12/9 cal AB


Rest 1 minute


150 push press @ 42.5/30kg

In remaining time max cal row/ski

*at every break on the push press perform 5 synchro burpees over the bar

*during the row/ski partners must switch every 30 seconds


Rest 1 minute


AMRAP 11 – I-Go-You-Go

8 toes to bar

30 double unders

1 set of the complex:

6 deadlifts + 4 hang power cleans + 2 shoulder to overhead @ athlete’s choice

Score is total output (reps x weight)

One person works whilst one person rests.

Athlete picks load on barbell. Athletes may have different loads and may change the load each round.

Complex must be unbroken. You may not take your hands off the bar. If you fail the complex, that is your round over, no second attempts!

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