Tuesday 2.7.19


Split jerk

4 sets of 3 reps

Rest 60 seconds between sets

*focus on quality over load

3 sets

B1. Behind the neck push press

8 reps with 4 second eccentric

No rest

B2. Supinated chin over bar isometric hold

20-30 seconds

Rest 60 seconds between sets


3 dumbbell burpee box step-overs @ 22.5/15kg & 20"

3 dumbbell shoulder to overhead

*every 4 minutes (including 00:00) perform 150m run



In teams of 2

On a running clock

00:00-10:00 Block run In remaining time AMRAP - I-Go-You-Go 6 deadlifts @ 60/42.5kg 4 hang power cleans 2 shoulder to overhead

10:00-19:00 125/100 cal row/ski In remaining time AMRAP - I-Go-You-Go 6 front-racked lunges 8 box jumps @ 24/20"

19:00-27:00 80/60 cal AB In remaining time AMRAP Devil’s Press + box step-overs @ 22.5/15kg *alternate every 3 reps

27:00-34:00 80/60 cal row/ski In remaining time AMRAP - I-Go-You-Go 3 front squats 6 toes to bar 10 jumping lunges

34:00-40:00 400m run In remaining time AMRAP 2 clusters 6 synchro burpees over the bar *each partner performs 1 cluster before you complete the synchro burpees together

Apart from the block run, split every CV buy-in however you like. First partner back to the gym from the block run can start the AMRAP immediately

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