Wednesday 24.7.19

Clean & jerk

In 10 minutes establish a tough triple

Every 3 minutes for 10 rounds

10/7 cal AB

8 burpees over the bar

3 power clean & jerk @ 60/42.5kg*

*from rounds 4-6 drop to 2 clean & jerk. You may increase the weight if you feel you can maintain the same pace

*from rounds 7-10 drop to 1 clean & jerk. You may increase the weight and aim for some max effort attempts

*Scale is to stay the same weight throughout, or start lighter and add weight according to your own abilities

Cash out

Pick one of:

1. 400m farmers walk @ AHAP

2. 3 sets of 60 seconds on/60 seconds off plank

3. EMOM 6

5 strict chin ups

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