Friday 30.8.19

Bench press

7 sets of 5 reps with 4 second eccentric each rep

Rest exactly 60 seconds between sets

*same weight each set

*aim to go heavier than last time

For time

3 rounds

10 shoulder to overhead @ 52.5/35kg

10 bar-facing burpees over the bar

Rest 3 minutes

3 rounds

10 thrusters @ 42.5/30kg

10 burpees over the bar

Cash out

3 sets

A1. Single arm dumbbell push press

6 reps with a 4 second eccentric each rep

No rest

A2. Dumbbell French press

12-15 reps

No rest

A3. Dumbbell curls

10 alternating reps per arm

Rest 60 seconds between sets

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