Thursday 24.10.19


4 sets

A1. Back-racked reverse lunges

6 reps per leg

No rest

A2. Front-racked weighted ski sit

60 seconds @ AHAP

No rest

A3. Dumbbell box step-ups @ 25/17.5kg

6 reps per leg

Rest 90 seconds between sets

Every 4 minutes for 24 minutes (6 sets)

16/12 cal row

10 dumbbell cleans @ 22.5/15kg

10 dumbbell front-racked lunges

16/12 cal row


Olympic Lifting

Every 2 minutes for 6 sets

1 paused snatch grip deadlift

*2 second pause one inch off the floor, at the knee, mid-thigh, and at the top

*4 total pauses for 8 total seconds – if your rep is shorter than 8 seconds, you’re going too fast! Maintain upper body tension and perfect positioning throughout

*favour correct positioning over load

Every 90 seconds for 6 sets

1 power snatch + 2 snatch balance

*re-rack the barbell on the back of your shoulders after the power snatch

*push yourself under the bar into the snatch balance

Every 75 seconds for 10 sets

1 hang snatch + 1 snatch

*squat or power

**must be touch-and-go

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