Saturday 14.12.19

CrossFit Allied Christmas Throwdown 3.0

WOD 1 AMRAP 14 50 KB swings @ 24/16kg 50 push press @ 35/25kg 50 front-racked lunges 50 thrusters 50 partnered sit ups (25 each) In remaining time max burpees over partner *I-Go-You-Go, switch every 20 seconds

Score is time to completion. Subtract 1 second for each burpee over partner completed. 

At the time cap any remaining reps will be added to your score as seconds.    


WOD 2 For time 40 30 20 30 40 Cal ski 10 10 10 10 10 Synchro dumbbell snatch @ 22.5/15kg *between each round perform 1 rope climb each *scale 1 rope climb to 3 rope heaves

Score is time to completion

Any remaining reps at the time cap will be added to your score as seconds

Time cap: 15:00    


WOD 3 2 rounds for time 60 cal row 60 cal AB 150’ partnered wheelbarrow carry

Split the wheelbarrow carry however you want. No minimum requirement. 

Score is time to completion

Any remaining reps at the time cap will be added to your score as seconds

Time cap: 15:00    


WOD 4 AMRAP 12 12 deadlifts 9 hang power cleans 6 push jerks *athletes choose own weight on the barbell **every 3 minutes including 00:00 athletes must perform 6 synchro burpees over the bar

Both partners split the work - but must fulfill complete sections before switching: i.e. partner A does 12 deadlifts, partner B does 9 hang power cleans etc. 

Athletes have their own barbells. Weights cannot be changed once time has started Score is total output of reps x weight 

Dropping the barbell will incur a letter to Santa saying you’ve been very naughty this year    


WOD 5 AMRAP 6 400m partner run  *partners must hold resistance band together

In remaining time max box jump-overs @ 24/20”

Whilst partner A performs box jump-overs, partner B must hold a 20/15kg plate locked out overhead. Any box jump-overs performed when the plate is not locked out overhead will not be credited. 

Teams may choose to step over, but step-overs must be performed at a 2 to 1 ratio to jump-overs.

Partners may switch on the box jump-overs at any time. 



Annie For time 50 40 30 20 10 Double unders Abmat sit ups Fran For time 21 15 9 Thrusters @ 42.5/30kg Pull ups Grace For time 30 clean & jerks @ 60/42.5kg

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