Friday 22.5.20


100’ shuttle run buy-in


30 dumbbell snatch

25 push ups

30 dumbbell hang squat cleans

25 sit ups

30 dumbbell shoulder to overhead

25 box jump-overs

*work for 60 seconds; rest for 30 seconds

**perform the shuttle run buy-in only once: then AMRAP the remaining movements in the remaining time

3 sets

A1. Heel elevated goblet squats 10 reps with a 4 second eccentric each rep

Rest 30 seconds

A2. Single arm dumbbell overhead lunges

20 reps (10 reps per leg)

*switch arms after 10 reps

Rest 30 seconds

A3. Glute Raises

12-15 reps

Rest 1 minute between sets

Plank holds

3 sets of 60 seconds hold

Rest 60 seconds between sets

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