Friday 3.7.20

Every 4 minutes for 5 rounds

400m run

8 toes to bar

8 dumbbell hang clean & jerk

*add 1 hang clean & jerk each round

3 sets

A1. Single arm dumbbell overhead lunges

20 reps (10 per leg)

*switch arms after 10 reps

Rest 30 seconds

A2. Dumbbell RDL

15 reps

Rest 15 seconds

A3. Glutes bridges

15 reps

Rest 90 seconds between sets

Pick one of the options below and spend 10 minutes skill work on:

1. Pistols

2. Double unders

3. Handstand push ups

4. Toes to bar

5. Pull ups

For each option perform some skill work progressions followed by an EMOM trying to hit reps.

For example, spend 5 minutes working on working to a max deficit single handstand pus up then perform


1-6 regulation handstand push ups

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