Friday 5.6.20

For time

30 sumo deadlift high pull @ 35/25kg or dumbbell deadlifts

30 front squats

30 hang power cleans

30 power snatch

30 overhead squats

*if using dumbbells, perform 15 single arm overhead squats per side

**every minute, including 00:00, perform 5 burpees

Close-stance barbell/dumbbell squats

3 sets of 15 reps with a 4 second eccentric each rep

3 sets

B1. Kettlebell Cossack squat

6-8 reps @ 3333 tempo

Rest 30 seconds

B2. Dumbbell/kettlebell overhead lunges

8 reps per leg

Rest 30 seconds

B3. Single leg glute bridges

10-12 reps with a 3 second pause at the top of each rep

Rest 1 minute between sets

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