Friday 8.5.20

4 rounds


150m run

In remaining time max handstand push ups/wall walks/barbell or dumbbell shoulder to overhead


Max dumbbell snatch


Max dumbbell goblet squats


Max dumbbell hang power clean & split jerk

*use one dumbbell and switch hands each rep


Repeat from minute 00:00

3 sets

A1. Single arm dumbbell shoulder to overhead

As many reps as possible with 4 second eccentric each rep

*go to failure but in 8-10 rep range

No rest

A2. Chin ups

3-5 reps with a 4 second eccentric each rep

*if you struggle with the pull-up tempo: jump up and lower yourself as slowly as possible

Rest 90 seconds between sets

3 sets

3 handstand push ups or 1 wall walk

8-10 dumbbell crush press -

10 dumbbell tricep extensions with 4 second eccentric each rep

10 dumbbell bent-over rows

Rest 1 minute between sets

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