Monday 13.4.20


5 dumbbell -facing burpees over the dumbbell

In remaining time max dumbbell hang snatch

Rest 2 minutes


5 box jumps/weighted step ups

In remaining time max single arm dumbbell hang clean & jerk

*alternate arms each rep

Rest 2 minutes


5 pull ups or sit ups

In remaining time max single arm devil’s press

*alternate arms each rep

3 sets

A1. Cossack squat with kettlebell or dumbbell

8 reps (4 per leg) @ 3333 tempo

Rest 30 seconds

A2. Single leg glute bridge

10 reps per leg with 3 second pause at the top of each rep

Rest 30 seconds between legs

Rest 1 minute between sets

Pistol practice

3 sets of 10 reps per leg - add weight to top of shoulder of leg performing pistol and if able to

Rest 90 seconds between sets

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