Thursday 25.6.20


4 devil’s press

8 dumbbell snatch

10 single arm dumbbell hang clean & jerk

12 dumbbell lunges

200m run

*use two dumbbells for the devil’s press and lunges, and just one dumbbell for the snatch and hang clean & jerk

3 sets

A1. Strict press

12 reps

Rest 30 seconds

A2. Barbell/dumbbell upright row

12 reps

Rest 60 seconds between sets

3 sets

B1. Strict chin ups

3-5 reps with a 3 second lowering each rep

Rest 30 seconds

B2. Tricep dips off box or chair

Max reps to failure

Rest 30 seconds

B3. 3-way raise

10 reps per movement

Rest 1 minute between sets

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