Thursday 26.3.20


200m run

15 dumbbell snatch/kettlebell swings or jump-overs

10 dumbbell goblet squats

*for the 15 reps try and find something you can hold to either snatch from the floor or swing like a kettlebell. If you don’t have access to anything appropriate perform jump-overs over any object

3 sets

Split squats

20 reps per leg @ 2" deficit

No rest between legs

Rest 90 seconds between sets

*Step back into a lunge, your front foot elevated by 2" and your back foot on the ground. Stay in this position and squat up and down without returning your feet until all 20 reps are complete

Pistol practice

3 sets of 10 reps per leg

*if you can perform pistols add weight to shoulder of the squatting leg

**use gentle assistance to lower to below 90 degrees and drive out of the hip if you struggle with pistols, or find a bench to stand on and lower down on one leg to touch the floor before driving back up

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