Thursday 4.6.20

5 rounds


200m run

10 air squats

8 toes to bar/sit ups

In remaining time max dumbbell burpee to press

No rest between between rounds

3 sets

A1. Single arm dumbbell push press

8 reps with a 3 second eccentric each rep

Rest 30 seconds

A2. Strict pull-ups or dumbbell bent-over rows

3-5 reps (pull ups) or 8 reps (bent-over row)

Rest 30 seconds

A3. Dead hang

30 seconds

Rest 60 seconds between sets

3 sets

B1. Seated strict press

AMRAP @ moderate weight

*aiming for 4-10 rep range, add tempo if necessary

Rest 10 seconds

B2. Dumbbell push jerk

4-10 reps

B3. Push ups

AMRAP to failure

Rest 2 minutes between sets

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