Tuesday 14.4.20

Every 3 minutes for 5 sets

8 toes to bar/sit ups

12 dumbbell power cleans

16 air squats

100’ shuttle run or 32 double unders

In remaining time max handstand push ups

*scale handstand push ups to wall walks/seated barbell strict press/seated dumbbell strict press

*no rest between rounds

3 sets

A1. Single arm dumbbell shoulder to overhead

6 reps per arm with a 4 second eccentric

Rest 30 seconds

A2. Bent over row

10 reps - barbell or dumbbell

Rest 1 minute between sets

3 sets

B1. Toes to bar or table press leg lifts

10 reps https://youtu.be/s9ZMCa-yNsU

Rest 30 seconds

B2. Push ups

10 reps

Rest 1 minute between sets

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