Wednesday 24.6.20

3 rounds for time

10 clean & jerk

200m run

40 air squats

3 sets

25 Russian kettlebell/dumbbell swings

25 sit ups

*arms kept over chest (not overhead)

25 Russian twists

*Left + Right= 1 rep

3 sets

A1. Straight arm dumbbell push-away

10 reps per side with light dumbbell

*this movement is similar to the palof presses we have done in class

Rest 30 seconds

A2. Low-to-high lateral chops with light dumbbell from partial squat

12 alternating reps

Rest 30 seconds

A3. Plank hold

60 seconds

Rest 90 seconds between sets

Accumulate 25 toes to bar in as few sets as possible

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